Bramell, Party of Five: Dear Santa

Monday, December 17, 2012

Dear Santa

Taa-Dahhh!  Presenting the 2012 Bramell kids photo with Santa.  Yeah, pretty much a spot-on wordless description of my children.  In case you need the interpretation--

 Big Sis: "I'm only here because I left something off my letter that I already mailed."

Girl Twin:  "Just give me the candy cane, dammit."

Boy Twin:  "I wonder if I can climb up there?"

Seriously, we waited in line for the mall Santa for about 45 minutes. For this.  You only get one photo with your own camera, and I sure wasn't going to buy their overpriced photo packages to get 65 copies of THIS.  Actually, I'm quite pleased with the overall experience.  Nobody cried, the little ones sat in his lap and both even talked to him and nobody cried.

Every year, I have such high hopes for a beautiful Santa photo. After five years of Big Sis not wanting anything to do with Santa, you'd think I would just give up.  We have one good photo of Big Sis with Santa.  And it's not really even very good. It's just not worth the struggle.  Maybe next year...


  1. You get one with your own camera??? I feel gipped! We bought the cheapest package there! BTW, Santa's face looks the same in all the pics I've seen of him from this place. They must slip him something.

    1. This guy was the mall Santa when I worked there, back in 1996. I'm not even kidding. He left for a while and they had some drunk guy for a year, but this one came back. I was disappointed though, because I had to force him to talk to my kids. He was not interested in talking at all.

    2. Yeah. He didn't seem too chatty when we were there.

  2. LOL! I quit trying Santa pics after...oh...when my 11 y.o. was Lainey doesn't even know you can meet him;)

    It all started at the mall in New Orleans seeing the Easter bunny in 2004...she said "WHY does he have REAL hands and tennis shoes?! I do NOT want THAT rabbit to come in our house!" Easy enough.

    You are a good mama to keep going:)!!!


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