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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fun in the Kitchen

As I've said before, we do a lot of cooking--it's just easier and arguably less expensive for a family of five.  The downside to cooking dinner most nights is that you will eventually find yourself in a dinner rut.  We are there now.  It's also no secret that I'm not very adventurous with my eating, so I'm probably not doing a very good job of getting my kids to experiment either.  I am trying to work on that, though.  I promise.  I know it will be helpful now that I've made some new food bloggy friends like Amy at Our Everyday Dinners and Debbie at Dining with Debbie to give me some fresh ideas.

Here is a little something that I whipped up one night last week. It was very easy and quick for a school night.  I will call it Pizza Bites, since I don't have a real name for it.  I also don't have a real recipe; it was just something the gals at work were talking about one day.  We discussed a few different variations, but I decided on this one.

I used canned biscuits, flattened out for the crust.  Next I put one slice of pepperoni down, stacked on a slice of a mozzarella cheese stick and topped with another slice of pepperoni.  Then I folded up the dough over the toppings and pinched it together to close.  Last, I gave it a couple of sprays of butter and sprinkled on some Italian seasoning.  They baked in the oven on 400 for about 10 minutes, until they turned a toasty brown.  Served with marinara sauce on the side for dipping.  It was a hit!

Hint:  I was tipped off not to use shredded mozzarella with this recipe. Apparently, the shredded kind will be too thin or cook into the dough.  The cheese stick worked well because 1) I already had some in the fridge and 2) it didn't melt very much, but still tasted good.

Note: I am not a food photographer, which you can probably tell by these pictures. But, hey, I did remember to actually take photos before we ate the dinner!

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