Bramell, Party of Five: Some Ozark Mountain Beauty

Friday, August 31, 2012

Some Ozark Mountain Beauty

 I knew it would take me at least a couple of posts to get to everything that I wanted to share about my weekend at the Arkansas Women Bloggers Conference at the Ozark Folk Center in Mountain View.  We had some free time to look around the craft village and check out the shops. We got to see many of the crafters at work, which was pretty cool. I'm sorry the photos are so small; I'm still trying to figure out what's going on with them.

Roger Fountain was having a jam session with his buddies.

I enjoyed looking in the pottery shop. There were lots of things my kids would break, so I didn't bring anything home.

The shops at the Folk Center are normally closed on Sundays, but a few of them opened up just for us. I had a nice visit with the broom makers.  I found out the gentleman--Shawn, maybe?--really likes cake. Coincidentally, I had a cake and he had some worked out nicely.  I'm showing him some bloggy love, so go check out what they do at Laffing Horse Crafts .

These are my brooms. They are so cool!  A Whisk, a Silker (for removing corn silks) and a Cake Tester.

NOW. THIS.  Is what you've been waiting for.  (ahem, Shannon).  The blogger ladies were treated to a fun cookout and hoedown on Saturday.  And we got our boots!  I loved every pair that I saw.

Above:  all the pretty boots just waiting to be loved.  Bottom: these are the Ariat boots that I chose.  Long story short--I didn't get to bring them home (yet).  Apparently, I have a freakishly small foot and they were way too big.  No fretting, though, as the ladies from Country Outfitter are totally cool, and they are letting me swap them for the right size.  After all, they don't want me to lose my boots when I'm kicking up my heels.

Shhh!  I had to at least try to make them fit! Alas, it was not meant to be. (*tear*)  I should get the new ones next week. I totally loved these boots, so I am ready for them to come home to me.

If you think you might like some boots of your own, keep watching the Party of Five blog right here.  I'll have an exciting announcement soon to let you know how you can score a free pair for yourself.

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