Bramell, Party of Five: MLB All Star Game Festivities 2012

Sunday, July 22, 2012

MLB All Star Game Festivities 2012

WE DID IT!  Since it was announced that Kansas City would be hosting the 2012 All-Star Game, we've planned to go.  Bad that it happened to fall in the same year as our Disney trip, but good that it was so close to home, and in our favorite stadium.  Long story short, we got some tickets off a guy on Craigslist. Thank goodness he was an honest one. We paid a lot for them, had upper deck seats and ENJOYED. EVERY. MINUTE.  So thankful that Grammy and Nanny could come for a few days to watch the kids for us. We sure needed some time away. It's so hard not having the family living nearby, but it's that much more wonderful when they can come help out!

We ended up going to Fan Fest twice. This was an event set up in the convention center. It was mostly vendor booths, but had a lot of interactive things like batting cages, pitching and fielding games, kid stuff, an auction area, video game area, etc.

Our first day there we got to see/meet Alex Gordon, who plays for KC. Totally nice guy.  We stayed there a few hours, then went to the Home Run Derby.  The derby was my favorite part of the whole thing, by far. I enjoyed it way more than the game.  There was a lot going on during commercial breaks---the Zac Brown Band played before the game, and David Cook sang the National Anthem.  Very cool!  The upside to the actual game was getting to see Chipper Jones in his last ASG and the National League winning!  Luke Bryan sang the National Anthem before the game.

Lee was determined to go home with a ball, and he DID!  He got a ball thrown to him during batting practice for the all star game. It was hit by Matt Kemp (Dodgers) but thrown in the stands by Cole Hamels.  I made him take the ball and go to our seats, so other kids (and grown men) could have a chance to get a ball.

We also got to see Lee's brick outside Kauffman Stadium. This was a special promotion the Royals did for the ASG.  Tracy, Jonathan and my dad all got Lee a brick for Christmas last year.  This was the first time we've seen it.

Here are some of the pics from Fan Fest and the Home Run Derby. I have some more to post later from the game.  This has been a marathon posting day.

The actual 2012 World Series Trophy on display at Fan Fest. Very cool (and heavily guarded)! Who knew it was made by Tiffany?

Meeting Alex Gordon (above) and Lee's fancy brick (below).

Who looks like a nerd?  Well, I made him pose.

ZBB playing before the derby started.  They had the stage on wheels, and just wheeled it right off the field before it started.  Actually, both nights.

Above is the actual view from our seats, with no zoom.  Below, is Prince Fielder batting--he won it.

They had a hilarious mascot race during one of the commercial breaks.   This is the relish from KC and Randy Johnson.

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