Bramell, Party of Five: T-Ball 2012

Saturday, June 2, 2012

T-Ball 2012

We had our first try with tee ball this year. I had to sign Becca up in Fayetteville because she didn't make the age minimum for Springdale's league. She was on a 6U team, but was one of only three 4-year-olds. She was definitely slow getting started; she had to have Lee go to bat with her every time. Most games, he also stood in the field with her.  After eight games, I still don't think her glove has even touched the ball.  However, she can hit it pretty good! I think she has come a long way and learned a lot. Next year should be more fun and easier for her. It will be nice being on a team with some girls that she'll already know.

I'm so proud of her for trying and for sticking it out. We had a much better experience with this than with soccer from last spring.

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