Bramell, Party of Five: A Mom's Observations

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Mom's Observations

I've noticed a few things about the kids lately that I wanted to write down. I'm sure they will want to know all this when they get older.

* Evan and Carley have very little to no interest in watching TV. I guess that's really a good thing, but way different from Becca at their age. At this point, Becca was in love with her Ernie and watched Sesame Street every day. These kids wouldn't know Ernie if he walked up and punched them. I think maybe because they have each other to play with, it makes them too busy to watch TV. Or look at books. They won't even sit still for us to read to them. Having two little ones sure is different than just one.

* Carley makes me laugh when she says "pizza." Her Spanish accent kicks in, and it sounds like "pee-ha."

* Evan tells me every time that I change his diaper that it's "cold." Meaning, the wipes.

* Becca has started saying that everything is "hilarious."

* Poor Evan doesn't have a chance growing up with these two sisters. In the past couple of weeks, he's worn Carley's red Mary Janes, put on a headband and cried when I wouldn't paint his fingernails. Yesterday, he even did a perfect beauty queen parade wave!! Lee better get outside and start throwing that football with him before he thinks he's a girl.

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