Bramell, Party of Five: Better late than never

Monday, January 23, 2012

Better late than never

It just occurred to me that I haven't posted any pictures from Thanksgiving or Christmas! I almost forgot to do it.  The Bramells spent a nice Thanksgiving holiday in East Arkansas visiting our families. We had a great meal with my mom's side of the family in Jonesboro on Thursday. We spent Friday watching the Hogs vs. LSU game at Dad's, but Karen had to work. Then on Saturday, we went over to Memphis for our first trip to the Children's Museum of Memphis. We got to have lunch with Bernie, Annette and Sarah, then they joined us at the CMOM. We had hoped to go to the zoo instead, but the weather was pretty yucky. The kids loved the museum! I know we'll be going back.

The kids loved grocery shopping at the Kroger in the CMOM....even the little ones knew just what to do! They filled their carts and went to scan their loot at the cash register. So cute!

They loved playing with Sarah....and I think she liked it, too. I think we had to drag them off the slide.

Here is Becca at the dental office. I think she'd make a fine dentist!

It was pretty chilly on Thanksgiving Day, but the kids just had to get out and run a little. I didn't get many pictures. I guess I was too busy eating!

Leave it to Becca to make a toy out of anything. She used the door to Aunt Pam's storm shelter as a slide! 

I think Blake was trying to get Evan to stand still.  Um, no way!

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