Bramell, Party of Five: More Halloween

Monday, November 7, 2011

More Halloween

Here are a few more pictures from our Halloween fun. Becca wore her costume to school, but the little ones just wore their holiday shirts instead. Much easier to get them around this way.

Carley and her crazy hair...I swear, the kid needs a haircut every 2 weeks!

I promised Becca that we'd make Halloween cookies. We tried last year, but they didn't turn out very good. Much better this time, and she enjoyed decorating them. What's funny is that I don't think she even ate one cookie! More for me and Lee...

Our 2 Jacks

My spooky skeleton boy--he was clearly not amused.


  1. Love the Bramell's! Love reading the blog! Keep the pics and stories coming! I love it!

  2. That post was from me! LOL

    Love you

    Aunt Nanette


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