Bramell, Party of Five: Rainy trip to Branson

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rainy trip to Branson

On Becca's birthday we headed off to spend a few days in Branson. We hadn't really planned on taking a "vacation" this year, but a few days away sounded really nice. Unfortunately, the weather just didn't want to cooperate with us. We only got one day without rain (Tuesday), so we headed to Steal Your Dollar City, I mean, Silver Dollar City then. The other days we did indoor things and tried to stay dry. We only got about 15 minutes in the indoor pool during the whole trip too, because they closed it down when the thunderstorms rolled in. My poor fishy was a little disappointed, but she didn't even complain!

Nanny and Grammy joined us on our trip. Always nice to have some extra hands. Lee and I were able to slip out and catch a movie on the rainy Monday afternoon we were there.

Here are some photos from Becca's first trip to SDC--she loved it!! The kid rode every ride they would let her on. Then she cried about the ones she wasn't tall enough to ride.....she must get that daredevil stuff from Pop and TP. Lee is very happy to have her riding with him, since I am too chicken for most of them.

We went ahead and bought season passes so we can go back whenever we want this year! I thought it would be something fun for us and pretty easy to manage, since it's only a 2 hour drive to get there.

Stopped for a snack. Being a daredevil makes you hungry!

That's Becca and Lee in the front of the log ride. It was not easy getting a pic of them moving past me.

Nanny and Lee on the "big swings" as Becca says.

Poor Carley had a fever this day, but she was such a good baby. They both had a good time looking around and taking in all the activity.

Becca was the only one on the kiddie swings!

The girls liked the carousel, but I couldn't get Evan to sit down on a horse. He cried and squirmed, so we rode on a car with him in my lap. I think he was sleepy.

I think we all rode the elephant ride at least once. Totally my speed : D

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