Bramell, Party of Five: Kid Updates for March

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kid Updates for March

We still haven't gotten a new camera, so bear with me. I'm just going to give a quick update and you'll have to use your imagination.

Something strange happened this month. My friends with twins have told me about it, and I thought it might have passed us by, but it didn't! I woke up one morning a few weeks ago and felt so refreshed! It's like we've crossed some mysterious invisible threshold. Maybe it's because the kids will sleep till 8:00am on a Saturday? It just sure finally feels like everything is getting easier. I've waited for this! Woo hoo!

Maybe I'm naive and it's just the lovely spring weather and sunshine. Ironically, the sermon at church on Sunday was about the Lent/Easter/Spring season and the symbolic time of renewal and new beginnings. It really spoke to me. Or, again, maybe it was the sun through the stained glass windows. Either way, I'll take it. It's our time of waking up and feeling refreshed here in the Bramell house. Guess we need to rest up because these babies are about to be on the move!!

Evan and Carley are 9 months old! At their March check-up he weighed 16.5 lbs and she 17lbs. They were 26" and 27" inches tall, respectively. They are still quite small for their age, but doing great developmentally. They both finally have their bottom 2 front teeth--Evan was first!

EVAN: still not rolling over (L-A-Z-Y)

Belly sleeper

Sleeps all night in his crib

Loves to give big, wet open mouth kisses

Has a weird quirk where he moves his wrist back and forth like he's revving a motorcycle

Thinking about crawling, but can't figure it out

First to say "mama;" says "dada" now, too

Already fighting each other for toys!!

CARLEY: rolling over great

Belly sleeper

Sleeps all night in her crib

Not much for cuddling or smooching

Her weird quirk is shaking her head back and forth over and over

She is also thinking about crawling

She still loves Becca and Fergie better than the rest of us

Jabbering "mama" and "dada" some, but mostly just screaming LOUDLY to hear herself

BECCA: can spell her name

Learning our street name/address

Great big sis!

Started soccer practice this month, but won't do anything but stand and stare--you know what I mean!

Still taking naps (Hooray!!)

That's the quick update for now. Gotta run; they are all waking up. And it's 7:45 on a Thursday.

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  1. Thanks for the update! Sorry about the probably costs less to replace than repair it. I can't believe how much they have developed in 3 short weeks! Can't wait to see you all!!!

    Love to all...


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