Bramell, Party of Five: Six Week Update

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Six Week Update

Yes, it's been SIX WEEKS already! Time flies fast when you don't get any sleep! Since the last post was all about Becca, this one is going to be about Evan and Carley.

The kiddos are growing! We have moved them out of size newborn diapers and clothes. They are into Size 1 diapers and 0-3 month clothes.

They are maybe, sorta trying to start sleeping for longer stretches between, if that would stretch during the night, we'd be doing great! We're getting there...slowly.

They are both eating 4 oz. of formula. Much different from where we started, around .5 oz.

Evan and Carley are bunking together in one crib for now. In their own room. They are MUCH too noisy to be in our room; that only lasted for a couple of nights. Forget it!

Becca tells everyone that will listen this, "The babies cry a lot and wake me up." Well, join the club I say.

We have been asked about the products we are using, by our dear friends and family who still want to help out. We prefer Huggies diapers, Size1 now, and Similac brand formula. Carley is taking the regular Similac (blue can) and Evan takes the Sensitive formula (orange can). Just in case you are out shopping and get the urge to buy some formula, you know....wink, wink.

We had some company over the last couple of weeks. Lee's sister Dee came from Boise for a week--BLESSING!! Dee helped so much and let us get some much needed sleep. Then her daughter, Jennifer came for the weekend. We also saw Lee's other brothers Bernie and Rob and their wives for the weekend. It was a big crowd, but we were glad to see them all. It was the first time for them to see Evan and Carley and they all made sure to give them lots of lovin'.

Next to visit was TP. She, too, was a great helper for us. We managed to find time to get out in the garage and finally do some purging and organizing. And--yay--she and I snuck off to see Eclipse at the movies. Thanks, TP!

Sleeping Evan with Becca's boy twin doll.

Sleeping Carley with the girl twin doll.


* Shout out and many thanks to my BFF Lisa for loaning me all her baby boy clothes. We didn't have to buy a thing for Evan! Thank goodness for great friends.

Evan, must be thinking about what's for dinner....



  1. I was glad that I was able to help. Anne helped SO much! I enjoyed getting to "bond" with Carley and Evan during our 2 am feedings! Boy, those babies can wear you out quick! I think that you and Lee are SUPER in super heroes! I don't see how you guys do it. I am just now catching up on my sleep. But I enjoyed the movie (even thought I think you slept for parts of it! ha) and getting to see you all. Becca is such a good girl and I can't wait until she comes to stay with us for a few days. See you guys in a few weeks. Much love!

  2. Evan and Carley are PRECIOUS!! SO glad I got to love on them a few weeks back! Hope to do it again soon!

  3. Oh, look at the last pic of Carley and compare to the one of Becca at 2 mo. on the right side of the page! They really favor here....
    Give them all lots of hugs and kisses from me. Can't wait to get Becca to myself for a few days. Oh, wait, I forgot about Nanny. LOL!

    Love to all....

  4. Love the update and pics! Can't wait to see you all again! Hugs and kisses for everyone!!!

    Love, Nanette

  5. Just now seeing this post. So glad you are able to use the clothes for Evan...SOMEONE should!

    Hang in there. If someone tells you "I had 2 babies really close in age, so it was just like having twins," I give you permission to slap her.

    Miss you!


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