Bramell, Party of Five: Welcome to the world Carley and Evan!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Welcome to the world Carley and Evan!

Whew. First time I've had a chance to do this all week. Get used to it, right?

I still haven't talked to many of you, so I'll start with the events that led up to "birth day" last Thursday, June 10 and the arrival of our sweet new babes, Carley Fran and Evan Wyatt. Of course, my c-section was scheduled for June 25, but I knew there was no way I'd make it that long. And thank goodness!

I woke up early on Thursday morning, like 2:00ish, with minor contractions. I roamed around the house quietly by myself until I was sure it was really labor. When Lee's alarm went off at 5:00, I told him to call in to work because we needed to head to the hospital. My great friend Sara met us at the hospital and took Becca back to her house, as we had planned. Once in the ER, I found out my doctor was coming on call at 7:00--yay! From 6:00-8:30, I just waited and stayed hooked up to the monitors. My doctor came in and told me I'd be second in line and in the OR soon; we don't mess around. Babies were born at 9:15 and 9:16 (Evan first).

This time I had to be completely put out with anesthesia, so I don't remember anything after being taken into the OR. Probably better that way, because I was nervous. The bad thing is that it took forever for the sleepy to wear off. I didn't hold the babies for several hours and really can't tell you anything about what happened Thursday afternoon.

I got discharged from the hospital on Sunday, but the babies had to stay an extra night. Evan wasn't eating enough to make the doctors happy and they decided not to split the kiddos up. By the time we went back on Monday morning, he was doing better and they let us take them both home.

First pediatrician appointment was Tuesday and both babies got a great report! We are so lucky they were so healthy and strong, being born at 36 weeks.

Becca is SO EXCITED about being a big sister! I think this is Evan she's holding.

Evan on bottom, Carley on top. Snuggle buddies!

Getting some rest in the nursery.

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