Bramell, Party of Five: Happy Birthday, Big Girl!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Birthday, Big Girl!

Saturday was Becca's 3rd birthday. We had a small party at Gulley Park and invited her friends from daycare and from the old neighborhood. It was a beautiful day! The warmest day we've had yet; you can tell by looking at my sweaty, dirty kid.

We grilled hot dogs, had cake and let the kids wear themselves out on the playground. And yes, I must be insane to have a party when I'm 33.5 weeks pregnant!! But, I know it was important to do it for Becca since her whole world is about to change. Again, thank God for Lee. He was awesome doing all the work while I just sat on my huge bootay. And thanks to Grammy for coming up here to help out, too.

If you need further proof of JUST HOW INSANE I am, see photo below. Oh. My. God. I am huge.

This is Becca and her friend Avery, who we know from daycare and church. How sweet!

Girls were pretty in pink--checking out the cake!

At Becca's request, a Mickey Mouse cake. I just didn't have the time and/or energy to make one.

Madison and Joe from our old neighborhood.

With her buddy Eleanor.

The little boy in green is Grayson. He is Becca's special buddy at school. If a 3 year old can have a boyfriend, he is it. They are so cute and funny together. We are going to miss him when we move daycares.


  1. I absolutely LOVED every minute of the party! The kids were so cute. It was funny to see how they acted seeing each other in a strange place (I mean other than where they normally see each other). You were wise to have the party 10:30 until noon. If the rest of the kiddoes were as tired as our Becca, there were lots of good naps taken that afternoon.

    You are right about Lee. He is WONDERFUL!!! He takes everything in stride and goes with it. We all love you, Lee!

    I love all the pics. Nanny and I are happy that Becca loved the little trampoline. Maybe she will wear herself out every evening and sleep well every night.

    I really enjoyed my visit and loved having my own Becca time. She watches every move I make and asks questions and mimics me. Gotta love that!

    You aren't THAT huge yet, but you will be in another couple of weeks. I'm going to pack this weekend so I will be ready to drop everything and head NW when I get the call. Surely, by then the doc will have reconsidered and moved your day up.

    Love to all...

  2. I hate that we missed the party!!! It looks like she had a good time! I love her little red face! I can't believe that she is 3! Such a big girl. I am glad Grammy got some Becca time to herself too!


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