Bramell, Party of Five: It has finally happened...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

It has finally happened...

Yes, our little rough and tumble has finally hit the girly-girl phase. I was really starting to wonder if she had it in her. She'd much rather wrestle with the boys at daycare and play in the dirt. But just since Christmas, we've seen the girl come out in her.

Grammy gave her a cool purse set with some fancy dress up shoes, which must have gotten it started. Then I gave her a manicure and pedicure to pretty her up. Last weekend, we took a girls road trip to Batesville to see TP and Uncle T's new house. Tracy gave her this sweet little fairy princess dress and now it's ON!!

She puts on the dress about 10 times each day. These aren't all the pics; I'll have to put up more later since I'm at home and internet is slower here.

Talking it over with Jonathan.

Show off a little?

Look out boys!!

Nanny and Grammy came up to Batesville for lunch on Saturday. Becca was thrilled to see her most favorite person in the whole world. They are so funny!

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