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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Our funny girl

Can I just say that I'm so glad Becca's speech has really taken off? She is talking so much and it's so much easier to understand her lately. I don't know if it's her age, or just being around the other kids in daycare so much. But, it's hilarious!

* Sometimes she talks in questions (and answers them, of course).
Example: "Where's my book? Oh there it is!" Mainly, when the desired object is sitting in plain sight.

* I drop her off every morning at daycare because Lee goes to work so early. Most days, he picks her up before I get home. In the mornings, I usually ask her "Do you want me to pick you up today or Daddy?" And, 90% of the time, her answer is "DADDY!" Of course. One day I had pickup duty. I thought she was happy to see me because she squealed and ran to me, then halted in her tracks only to look at me and say "Where Daddy?" Stinker.

* Apparently, Dora is from France. Becca calls her Dora the "Esplo-your."

* Last night, I was on the phone in the kitchen. Becca was in the backyard with Fergie. She throws the door open, runs into the kitchen and announces, "Fergie pooped in the grass!!!" She said it like she'd just found a million bucks in the yard.

* OK, so this story has some background to it. You know that Nanny stayed with us for a week in July. Well, if you are related to me, you know this or you are not surprised by this: Nola doesn't just pack a suitcase. She packs in plastic bags, like Wal-Mart sacks and various other random containers. So, she had one of those plastic cottage cheese bowls with a lid that Becca took to playing with. So she left it here for Becca (thanks, Nanny. We need more crap in our house). Anyway, a friend of mine was at the house staying with Becca last Saturday. I left Becca eating some dry cereal in a cup. When we got home, my sitter said, "Becca really wanted her cereal in this bowl. She handed it to me several times and said 'dump cereal'." She just wanted to eat her cereal in the dang cottage cheese bowl!

Going to post some new, super cute pics tonight. Stay tuned!!

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  1. Thanks for the update. Love hearing stuff that Becca does! We missed ya'll Saturday at Bret's. Hope to see ya'll soon.

    Love, Nanette


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