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Friday, June 20, 2008


One dumpster more to go. Most of the demo guys I called with the fancy trackhoes and backhoes told me it would take more than two dumpsters to get rid of this house. What do they know. I think I will have room left over in the second one. Plus, I will have saved at least $750 (the low estimate I received).
This is what our project looks like now after a couple of weeks. It actually didn't take too long to get to this point. All I used was an 8 pound maul and a big shovel. The worst part has just been the stink inside the house. You can still smell it when you drive up. At least it is getting a good air out now!!
I was hoping to find old man Johnson's money stash in the walls somewhere. Unless it is in one of the corners I haven't knocked out yet, I think someone else must have gotten to it before me...maybe it is under the floor!! I did find and old bank lock box key. For which bank I don't know, but it has the lock box number on it. I will get old man Johnson's money somehow!!
Anyway, I guess the next step is bringing the roof down. Hopefully I won't bring it down on the neighbors house:) Stay tuned for more pics in the coming weeks.
There is one cute picture of Becca "reading" her books at the bottom. She likes her books a lot. Of course, since she is a baby genius she will be reading them to us before too much longer.


  1. Look at her! She is such a big girl now. I can't wait to se you guys next month. Wanted to let you know that Uncle T will be gone to drving school in Memphis the week before you all get here so I figure (but you never know with him) that he will be ready to stay at home. He has to stay all week in Memphis. He may miss me so much that he wants to stay in wynne though...yeah right! :)
    Lee, you have done a great job on the demo but I see what you mean about the roof falling. Be careful. Let me know if you fin old man Johnson's $$$, I will help you spend it! :) Hope you all have fun in KC! Give our big girl kisses from TP and T.
    Love ya!

  2. I'm glad to see that Lee has made great progress in "bringing down the house"! Please be careful!!! I hope y'all had a good trip to KC. I'm anxious to find out if Becca enjoyed the zoo, baseball games and pool. She is really into those books! She looks so sweet sitting there with them all around her. I'm looking forward to seeing y'all next month. We are planning a nice birthday dinner for Rhonda.
    Love to all......

  3. Lee and Rhonda,
    Just looking at this makes me want to go find my hammer and come over and help you two out. Sadly, I am back in Chicago so it is not possible. Hope we can get together in October, when the worst of the summer will be over!
    Don't hit your hurts like crazy when you do!


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