Bramell, Party of Five: Go Hogs Go!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Go Hogs Go!!!

Let's eat some breakfast!

For some reason my mouth flies open when I get
excited. I can't help it!!

Uuhhh. Which way to the bathroom?

Look into my eyes!!

Game day preparation. I have to look good for those Razorbacks!!

Friday night Mom and Dad had a date!! We went out for dinner at the O.G. and then took in a movie at Fiesta Square. "Superbad" wasn't supergood but it did have some funny parts. We give it a 2.5 out of 5. Grandma watched Becca and they both had a good time too.
Kentucky is coming to town today and as you can see Becca is ready for the game in her Razorback onesie. She also has a little cheerleader outfit (pics coming soon).
Enjoy the pictures. TaTa for now.

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  1. Oh, Rhonda, this gal is a doll!
    I know you'll never forgive me, but when I looked at these shots I found one that looks just like her Aunt T! Compliment to Tracey, of course :) There are lots that look like you, but I never really thought of you two girls looking that much alike. How bazaar! Take care of that little Becca-she's just precious. GO HOGS!


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