Bramell, Party of Five: Oh, baby!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Oh, baby!!

The Bramell's had some company this weekend. The family from east Arkansas made their way over to check out little Becca. This picture is 4 generations!!
Quote of the day: from Nola to Pam, "I'll hold the baby, while you go fix lunch." And she said it with as good a poker face as you can get.
Of course during the time they spent here, Becca was just nice and quiet. They didn't get to know the nighttime Becca!
She doesn't seem to know daytime from night yet, but we are getting better at getting her down to sleep. I think the key is a full belly and maybe a bath before bedtime!!



    We are so glad everything and everybody came out okay! She's a cutie (which is to be expected considering her family).

    Remember, she'll grow up fast, have fun with her now and she'll start sleeping nights soon. Wrapping her up like a pappoose helps too. I guess they like the snuggly warmth.

  2. Hello everyone,
    we're checking the blog daily so keep the new pictures coming. How did Becca's first doctors visit go?
    Rhonda we hope you are feeling better with each new day-once the new wears off and you can establish some sort of routine you will feel much better.
    We love you all,
    Sandy, Bret, Ami and Blake

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