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My name is Rhonda; I am the mother of twins + one.  I work full-time outside the home, and somehow manage to juggle everything else. I don't do anything perfectly, but I can do a lot of things "good enough."  

Lee is Dad. He's a hard-working daddy who spends most of his days taking care of kids, after he's put in his time at his "real" job. He is the living example of a true SuperDad. He's a Kansas City Royals fan and is enjoying the team's successful run over the past couple of seasons.

Big Sis is a third grader. She loves reading and socializing with her buddies at school. She's a great big sister and loves to tell the little ones what to do.

Boy Twin and Girl Twin have made it to kindergarten! It's hard to believe. Twin Tuesday posts are little glimpses into the life of twins and the special bond they have with each other.

Fergie is our sweet Boston Terrier. She's almost 10 years old. Due to an eye injury last year, she had to have her right eye removed. That is one tough pup and she loves us as much as we love her.

This blog is my creative outlet to capture the moments with my family that I want to remember. I've had this blog for eight years, and it's just recently taken on a life of it's own.  I'm starting to experiment with more personal writing, contests and sharing recipes.

Please come back often. You can also find Bramell, Party of Five on Facebook and Pinterest, and follow me on Twitter at  @rhondabramell. Thanks for stopping by!

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